Honest Review: Top 5 Best Car Service Companies in Washington DC

Last Updated October 31, 2023

When you search for the “best car service washington dc” or “car service washington dc reviews” in your Google machine you get something like this.

Top result Yelp, filled with 8 companies at the top that are advertisers, see screen shot from Yelp. So in order to see the actual results you should scroll down passed the 8 companies who are not the best by any means , they are just paying customers.

2nd Result Yelp again, with the same list of paying customers at the top. Please note that the number of companies will vary depending how many active advertisers they have at any given time.

So to tackle this issue here is an honest review of the top 5 best car service companies in Washington DC.

In order to come up with the absolute BEST list, we decided to use Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor reviews for each company.

How were the results calculated?

We counted all the reviews found on the above-mentioned sites and created weighted average ratings. Our aim was to present an objective assessment of the car service providers’ reputations. Since we believe that some companies might focus on a particular site and have a much better overall rating on that site only, we have eliminated any subjectivity by creating averages.

DCAcar reviews: 769, star rating 5

Reston Limo reviews: 462, star count 4.5

DC Private Cars reviews: 160, star rating 4.3

DC Limo & Car Service reviews: 265, star rating 4.2

Execucar reviews: 104, rstar count 3.5

You can also see how much each company charges from DCA Airport to Washington DC downtown hotels, all prices are accurate as of 11/01/2023

DCAcar - DCA Airport to DC

Sedan - $100.88

SUV - $142.88

Reston LImo DCA Airport to DC

Sedan - $130

SUV - $155

DC Private Cars DCA Airport to DC

Sedan - $124

SUV - $243

DC Limo & Car Service - DCA Airport to DC

Sedan - $111.65

SUV - $153.50

Execucar DCA Airport to DC

Sedan - $113.25

SUV - $217.48

Yelp Advertiser Top Results Screenshot 2023