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DCAcar To Offer one (1) $2,000 Scholarship


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest: these words belong to one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin. But what investment does education require? What’s the average tuition rate in our country? How much do books and accommodation add to the needed sum?

One of the cornerstones of DCAcar’s company culture is the commitment to the welfare and interests of our society, and an investment in the future of young people planning to get a higher education is an important part of DCAcar’s company values.

Hence, we are delighted to offer a one (1) $2,000 scholarship for the best-submitted essay, determined by our team. The scholarship check will be made payable directly to the winner.

The airports of the future

The airport of the future isn't an airport: It's a city. In their 500+ word essays (no title requirements apply) the entrants should lay out their opinions regarding the benefits or drawbacks of this technological breakthrough on the economy and society at large.