BWI Car Service Reviews


Last Updated October 30, 2023

Last year we had an idea to find out which are the best car service companies serving Dulles Airport.  We have had many compliments from people around the internet. Our company used to cover only DCA and IAD airports until May 1st, 2016. The reason we started covering BWI airport is simple- we had on average 10 requests a day for BWI transfers and we knew that the time had come to expand to a new market and provide the same superb car service experience to our new clients that prefer to fly from Baltimore Washington Airport.  We are super excited about the fact that at such a difficult time for car and limo companies we are growing our operations.

Today we will try to show the top 5 car service providers for BWI. The principle behind our calculation is the same as for the last post:

We counted all the reviews found on the below-mentioned sites and created weighted average ratings. Our aim was to present an objective assessment of the car service providers’ reputations. Since I strongly believe that some companies might focus on a particular site and have a much better overall rating on that site only, we have eliminated any subjectivity by creating averages. This method should give us a better idea and a fuller picture of the companies that are operating in BWI.

We have put together an ultimate list 2.0 of the best and the worst companies serving Baltimore–Washington International Airport. You can see our results below. In order to come up with the absolute BEST list, we decided to use Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews for each company.

BWI Airport Car Service Reviews Below

1. DCAcar reviews: 789, star rating: 5

2. Limos4Less reviews: 54, star rating: 3.6

3. Groundlink reviews: 259, star rating: 3.3

4. Execucar reviews: 71, star rating: 4.0 

5. Theairportshuttle reviews: 48, star rating: 1.4

We hope you’ll find our list helpful. Only companies with 10 reviews or more made our list.

BWI Car Service Reviews - DCAcar